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When to Get an MRI After a Concussion

Having a concussion is extremely dangerous as it can render you mentally impaired. When left untreated, some concussions lead to death which is why it’s so important to seek medical treatment whenever you have sustained a concussion. Here’s some helpful info to help you determine when to get an MRI after a concussion. 

Will You Need an MRI After Having a Concussion?

In some cases, a concussion will be assessed by taking a CT scan, however, there are many cases in which the patient will need an MRI. While a CT scan will likely be given as soon after the injury occurred as possible. Keep in mind, this is not a universal practice as CT scans will be of little use in assessing a concussion stemming from a sports-related injury. 

That said, patients that have sustained a concussion typically require an MRI when more detailed imaging is required 48 hours or longer after the injury took place. 

How an MRI Can Help You After Having a Concussion

When doctors have reason to suspect that your symptoms will be persistent or in cases when pre-existing conditions are of concern. An MRI can be beneficial in many situations as they dispense less radiation than a CT scan and they can detect small intracranial bleeds that are more difficult for a CT scan to reveal. 

Have You had a Concussion in the Last 48 Hours? Call Precision MRI Group Today!

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