The average layperson isn’t expected to have a deep knowledge of medical imaging techniques like MRI and MRA scans. Most of us never really think about things like the difference between an MRI and MRA scan for example, until we need one. 

By learning more about the differences between MRI and MRA scans, you’ll be more prepared whenever your doctor recommends one. 

MRI Vs. MRA Scan

The first thing you should know is that MRA scans are derived from MRI scans. An MRA scan is commonly performed when your doctor needs to examine your blood vessels in detail. MRA scans can reveal plaque, distressed blood vessels, and signs of aneurysms.

MRA stands for, Magnetic Resonance Angiogram, while MRI stands for, Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Magnetic Resonance Angiograms help doctors see the interior of your blood vessels. Your doctor can issue an MRA to see inside blood vessels in several areas of the body including your heart, brain, abdomen, etc. 

MRI scans have a much broader scope. Doctors order MRI scans to help discover and diagnosis all kinds of things. MRI scans can help doctors detect a wide spectrum of diseases, damage to the brain, and more. 

They are extremely useful to doctors as they allow them to see what they need to make a decision without making an incision. These scans make it possible for doctors to make an accurate diagnosis without putting you through surgery. 

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