When a doctor tells you that you should get an MRI scan, it’s natural to be nervous. While it’s normal to be nervous about getting an MRI scan, you should know that it could save your life. MRI scans detect potentially life-threatening conditions. 

Not only can they detect life-threatening conditions, but they can help you save time so that you can seek treatment before the condition gets a chance to progress. Here’s what you need to know about how an MRI can save your life. 

Case in Point, How an MRI Scan Can Detect Breast Cancer More Effectively Than a Mamogram

Breast cancer is one of the most dangerous medical conditions a woman can contract. It’s something that virtually every woman worries about, especially when their family has a history of breast cancer. When it comes to detecting breast cancer, most people are led to believe that it can be detected by a mammogram.

In many cases, a mammogram can detect breast cancer, however, there are times when it misses signs of breast cancer completely. The key to beating breast cancer is to detect it as early as possible. MRI scans have been known to detect signs of breast cancer when mammograms have not. 

Detecting breast cancer isn’t the only way an MRI scan can save your life, these scans can also detect cerebral tumors, cancer, and signs of a stroke. An MRI scan is a painless and effective tool for doctors to detect life-threatening conditions. That early detection can save your life. 

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