An MRI scan is a powerful diagnostic tool that doctors can use to detect serious problems in your brain or elsewhere in your body before they get a chance to progress. Usually, when your doctor orders or recommends an MRI scan, they’re already looking for something. That said, there are times when an MRI scan can detect an unexpected issue. Here’s an overview of brain problems that can be detected by an MRI. 

What Can an MRI Scan Reveal?

When you have an MRI, it can help your doctor detect all kinds of problems including multiple sclerosis. MRI scans can detect conditions like multiple sclerosis by making it possible to see the type of abnormal tissue that it’s associated with. You can also use MRI scans to show bleeding, swelling, and other signs of concern.

Why an MRI Is the Way to Go

Whenever there’s reason to believe you could have a swelling in the brain, a tumor, or something like multiple sclerosis, it’s best to schedule an MRI scan as soon as possible. Why? Because an MRI scan has the power to produce more accurate and more detailed images than a CT scan, X-ray, or even an ultrasound. 

A CT scan relies on X-rays, while MRI scans utilize powerful radio waves. This means that MRI machines can provide you and your doctor with a lot more information comparatively. You should know that just because MRI scans are more powerful and more revealing does not mean that they are more harmful than an X-ray. MRI machines don’t emit the same amount of radiation as a CAT scan or an X-ray.  

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